Sound design 
Producing unique soundscapes using audio libraries and creating original audio elements using foley, field recording and digital processing.
Music production and scoring 
Creating an original composition that evokes emotion and brings the visual story to life, building a distinct sonic identity for an immersive experience. 
Audio editing & restoration 
Adjusting and fixing issues with voiceover, dialogue and sound on set.
Additional services 
Mixing, audio installation support and preparation for broadcast and exhibition. 
Giles Lamb
Film/TV Composer
“I have been working with Anna since 2017.  She is a very talented sound designer. Anna is always responsive and resourceful and, above all, a delight to work with. I can completely rely on her to deliver high quality work on tight timescales. She is my go to person if I need any sound design work and would highly recommend her.”
Anthony Eliot-Finch
Head Of Production at Wild Child Animation
"I have had the pleasure of working with Anna across a few projects here at Wild Child Animation and found her to be an absolute joy to collaborate with. Anna is personable, hard working and very talented. Despite challenging schedules within sound design she always manages to deliver on time. I find her to be an incredibly collaborative person and I'm always looking for projects that we can bring her in for. I would highly recommend her for any sound design or editorial work."
Fin Bain
"Working with Anna as both a sound designer and a composer was a privilege. She can adapt to a director's style while bringing in her own powerful voice in a special way. She’s both professional and highly adaptable. Her sound is distinctly modern and electronic which has always suited my projects. Her work compliments your own."
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